How To Convert Your Car To Run On Water - How To Be Reduced By 50% In Gas Prices

What? Did you know that the price of gas reached $ 4 a gallon? If you are not certain rich businessman, if you're wondering how these gas prices are rising. I saw a forecast for financial analysts when they say that gas prices will double next year as no new oil reserves have been found. If you want to avoid these gas prices, you need to know how to convert your car to run on water.

Did you know that burn 2.5 million gallons of oil every 15 seconds? How do you think of the pollution that mean? Many, and provides that if we pollute the same way for another 40-50 years from Earth will be affected and disaster will occur. So that our children will be affected if not end this dependence on oil.

What you should know before reading how to convert your car to run on water? You need to know that the motor rotates in the water and gas, but you can still save on gas.

How to convert your car to run on water?

Convert your car to run on water, you only need to buy some of the parts and installation in the car. You are using the gas separated from the water to improve engine efficiency, using less gas. Why? Because of our engines are designed to burn only 20% of the gas we buy so you understand that 80% of the money you're wasting gas.

Fox News has shown that this method is very safe and can be used to improve gas mileage by at least 50%. This will save a few thousand dollars in gas each year. Drivers around the world learn to convert their vehicles to run on water because they are tired of paying the price of gasoline.
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